Lilin Impian Harapan’s Profile

Lilin likes a light candle at the dark night. A light to end all  the sorrow. 


Lilin loves the star in the night sky. The star symbolizes undying spirit. Spirit to continue to shine. Passion to continue learning. Hope to continue spreading the spirit of kindness.


Lilin also loves to cook a meal. By cooking, Lilin feels be a real mother. Cooking a delicious and healthy meal for Husband and their family. 


Lilin admits that walking around is enjoyable. Seeing the beautiful scenery and looking at the God’s creatures are so gorgeous. Adventures become her happiness.


Listening to the music is so fantastic. It can arise Lilin’s mood and can be friend when Lilin feels sad.


Adventure is not only by walking around or sightseeing in the real world. Lilin can see the world by reading a various book. It’s so unbelievable,


Lilin also likes drawing. Although her sketch is a little bad. Drawing  can enhance her imagination to see the wonderland.


The rain is so wonderful. Seeing the rain from the window is such kind her hobby. Smelling the aroma of rain that contamined by ozon. Without the rain, there world be no rainbow.


Lilin is a married woman. She loves her husband so much. He is the real star for Lilin’s life.


Photography is Lilin ‘s soulmate. Lilin wants to buy DSLR camera to support her hobby. Hope it will be soon.


A poem, romantic quotation or writing anything topic are become Lilin’s meal every single moment. Unfortunately lilin’s writing is still unstructurally good. Sometimes, Lilin gets problems with the supporting ideas, so in the end lilin can’t finish her project.


Overall, this is I am. Lilin who wear the glasses to hide her dark eye circle. Lilin who loves rainbow after the rain, Lilin is just an ordinary girl but having many hopes and dreams. Lilin loves herself. Lilin prouds of to be a Lilin Impiah Harapan. 🙂

Rooftop Happiness in my Lovely Solo

April, 18th 2013 . 11:43



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