Reflection (Part 1)


Today is the day I should be more grateful to God. God remind me again about the word “Focus on”. Yeah, my problem from the beginning until now is about be focused in one goal!

I admitted that I had never succeed in finishing my goal. I had failed in facing the problem. And I always gave up before fighting. There are so many excuses from me when I had lost the chance. And I have many more reasons for that. Whereas, those reasons are bullshit. Indeed, I am the looser one.

Right now, I am standing here with any regret from the past memory. I am so weak. I need a light to wake my soul up. I need an energy to strengthen my spirit. I need all. All is from you.

In this moment again, I should give bigger thankful for God. God had created you for me. You are my real sunshine. I should not make any regret again. I should wake up. I would proof it that I could make you happy. Forever, I always love you my Husband. . .

Lovely Home, our white house

Kebumen, April 21th 2013, 00:25




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