Working Mother Indonesia Magazine

Working Mother Indonesia, as Lilin calls WMI, is one of the best mother magazine. But in my perspective WMI is the best magz for working Mom. Highly recommended Magazine! 🙂

First of all, I would like to introduce this magz. WMI is firstly published on December 2012. In this first issue, WMI gave a lovely agenda. I really love it. Even, I bought this magz two times. One for me,and the second one is for my best friend, Zara-Jakarta ( in the Zara’s Birthday moment.

Here the cover of the lovely Agenda from Working Mother Indonesia, First Issue. It is quite simple but still seem eye-catching.


There was never any question with meas to which I would choose, my family or my work. I had to have both.

(Rheta Childe Dorr)

Wow, this quotation seems popping out from my mind. Family and work are different aspects, but both of them can be integrated to create a happy life.

Until now April 2013, WMI has been published four times. The content of this Magz is full of substantial info. Each issue have characteristic and special discussion about working mother starting from in the morning until at night. There are many info about fashion, beauty, healthiness, delicious meal, and also career woman and education.
In my opinion, this magz is the complete one. Besides its price only Rp.19.800,-. It’s quite cheap magazine, isn’t it?

Overall, I recommend this magazine for you all. Not only for career woman, or married woman, but also for girl who want to prepare and build a happy family and success in working. *talk to my self/ LOL

798331_547910218566599_560055624_o - Copy

841061_547910528566568_711323606_o - Copy

893131_571182299572724_1405466360_o - Copy


Rooftop Happiness in My Lovely Solo

April, 19th 2013, 10:10

For more info about Working Mother Indonesianull


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