Learning Korean (Just an Introduction)


Truly, Lilin was interested about Korean since Junior High School. Nevertheless, I had some problems, especially to the media source. Indeed, there was no internet network in my little hometown. In that time, Internet network was only spreading in a big city. So I didn’t reallly know about Korean-Pop or Korean-drama more info. I only knew a little info about Korean by reading “Tabloid Bintang” or Fantasi Teen”. I remembered that the two first drama of Korean that I watched in Television is Endless Love and Winter Sonata. I really love them.

Besides Korean, Lilin also liked Taiwan Drama (Meteor Garden, MV lovers, At the Dophin Bay, Snow Angel, etc) and Dorama Japan (Itazura na Kiss). How remember, previously I am so fanatic person!

As the time goes by, Korean become more popular when I am as university student. As we know, Korean wave or Hallyu ( 한류) increases in the popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture beginning in the 1990s in Asia, and more recently, in other parts of the world.
I was interested in Korean not only in Korean-Drama or Korean-Pop (music and dance) but also in Korean culture especially for the language (Hangeul). Some months ago, I tried to learn Korean Language started from how to write korean (Hangeul). Because of I don’t parctice a lot, finally I forget the alphabet of Korean. I also still have problem with the pronunciation of Korean. How poor am!

The good news is starting from now, I am trying again to learn Korean. How to write Korean and then how to make Korean sentences for daily life. Certainly, I should know more about Korean vocabulary and the pronunciation. Yeah, I need the more effort to learn Korean although in this time I am also still finishing my last project “Thesis of English Department”.

Here, my first introduction learning for Korean (Hangeul/ 한글).

Korean Alphabet


or this one.


I hope the next part I can practice better. Fighting Lilin! 🙂

Rooftop Happiness in my Lovely Solo

April, 18th 2013 . 17:52


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