Travelling, another inspiration of my life


Seeing the people in the street, viewing the beautiful scenery, even the bad or the wonderful thing are in lay on the earth. I love this. I like the journey. Walking around from my place to the others. I don’t know why God creates all the things perfectly. All have differences and they are marvelous. Beside, each place have characteristic and unique. Maybe God wants to the human and His creature to be a traveller. not standing just in their place but also moving around the other places.

I started to have a real journey when I became university student. Living so far from my parent and family and becoming real “Lilin Impian Harapan”. In the beginning I feel so lonely, not so happy with the new life in new place. Luckily, I met good friends here and also finding a good place to learn. Finally, I love my second home.

In the first year I study here, I have travelled to the some areas around this city. Sometimes, I do by my self or with my friends. Until now, I have travelled to the some wonderful place. Maybe it is a little number, remembering that it is limited by my free time. Those are Yogyakarta, Sukoharjo, Karangayar, Boyolali, Sragen, Wonogiri, Pacitan, Gunung Kidul, Mojokerto, Purwokerto, Cilacap, Bandung and the other areas.

From this journey, I get some values. When my spirit is getting down, the travelling made my spirit is getting arise. I don’t know, especially when I have travelled by my self and my motorcycle, or when I have travelled by bus or public transportation, I am so happy. It is so free. I am in freedom. I also often dream about having a journey to the abroad. I become a backpacker and walking around to the wild place. It is so fantanstic. I hope it is not just a dream, tomorrow I would like to make it real .

Explore the new world, endlessly grateful to the God always and forever.

I am a backpacker, I am a traveller, I dream, I hope and I will. 🙂

Lilin Impian Harapan, another story of my life…

Rooftop Happiness in my Lovely Solo

April, 8th 2013 . 13:28


a photo taken by Lilin on the sky at Menganti Beach


a photo taken by Husband at the crater of Tangkuban Perahu , Bandung


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