Hei my name is Lilin


Lilin Impian Harapan is completely my name. The name is inspired from the light candle. I do not know why I become so happy with those name. The combination of three words; candle, dream and hope. I love it.

In my life, I love writing very much. Writing any topic of my life in this sense. I also love the rainy season. Seeing the rain fall in from the sky to the earth. Beside, I love the stars in the night sky. Before sleeping I see the dark night and greet the stars. Those inspire me to have extra spirit.

In all my life, there is no more precious than family. My family is my Lilin Impian Harapan. They are so important for my life. Dad, Mom, younger sister and brother, and my Husband.

From now on, I would like to write anything. Leaving a trail of stories for a better life in the future.

Lilin Impian Harapan, another story of my life…

Rooftop Happiness in my Lovely Solo

April, 4th 2013 . 06:57


a photo taken by Lilin at Sakura’s room number 4


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