Cooking, another activity that makes me more alive


Honestly, before getting married i couldn’t make any food. I only had ever cooked simple meal. Like cooking instant noodle, fried rice, fried tempe, crispy mushroom and fried banana. Even, all the process is not really my project. Sometimes Mom helps me to prepare the dough and the seasoning. How miserable I am. ;-(

After getting married and living in Husband’s house, he gave me a lovely kitchen. I really love it. Slowly but sure, my spirit to make a food is getting arise. Sometimes husband and I have been practicing to cook together. Is romantic isn’t it? Unfortunately our menu is still limited about javanese food. For supporting my ambition, I also add my knowledge about recipe and cooking tips by accessing from internet, reading tabloid or magazines.

Day by day, I’m getting more in love in cooking. It is true that I’m not so skilled in cooking, but my passion to cook better is more than I predicted.
When I can serve a tasty and nutritious meals for husband, the happiness is quite satisfy my heart and mind all day long.

Cooking becomes so precious after all. Time without cooking become less meaningfull. Maybe it is so excessive. But it’s real.

This is the example of my practicing. Empek-empek kapal selam by Lilin.

2013-03-11 15.08.40

Rooftop Happiness in my Lovely Solo

April, 4th 2013 . 21:36


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